EMS IT Mobile suite

A mobile EMS team workstation which enables physicians to provide prompt and high-quality assistance to the patient

What is it?

The EMS mobile information systems suite is a complex solution of several coherently integrated systems, which provides functionality including but no limited to:

033 GMP ePCR

Real time presentation of ePCR prefilled with initial information.

033 GMP Gidas

Team state preview and management in EMS team vehicle.

033 GMP ePCR

Quick access to collected data and objective analysis.

The primary goal of the 033 GMP IT Mobile suite is to facilitate the processes of collecting, processing and exchanging information with other systems. The cost of maintaining such a system and the time spent on it is significantly reduced and you can rest assured that it will guarantee the uninterrupted and smooth operation of your company's processes.

EMS mobile suite consists of

  • Electronic patient care report (ePCR) mobile data collection tool

    EMS ePCR

    033 GMP ePCR

    ePCR is a mobile tool which allows EMS teams to collect emergency call data efficiently in the field. This solution is designed to help medics collect patient care report data without any errors and to guide them into making better patient treatment decisions.

  • EMS vehicle event information panel

    EMS Guide

    033 GMP Gidas

    Information panel is installed in EMS vehicles and is responsible for prompt display of initial event data. Mobile tool has built-in automatic navigation which picks the most effective route to the patient, ensuring that EMS team reaches the patient much faster.