EMS mobile guide

Automatic calls management panel

  • Representation of team status during the event

    EMS guide provides prompt display of call information and times. The system is automated, so when a certain time is recorded, it is automatically displayed, thus avoiding data inaccuracies.

    033 GMP Gidas - automobilinė kvietimų valdymo panelė

  • Maps-mockup

    Integrated GPS navigator

    The call management panel has built-in navigation to event site feature. Navigator shows fastest route to the patient, thus ensuring highest patients survivability.


  • Interface with ePCR

    Integration with EMS ePCR allows you to switch to a ePCR form data entry mobile system with a single click, which helps the team leader to fill patient examination and treatment data faster and with higher quality.


97,4 %

non verbally assigned calls

3 times

increased assign call data accuracy