EMS IT Suite

Specialized solutions to assist EMS teams in their daily work

What is it?

The EMS information systems suite is a complex solution of several coherently integrated systems, which provides functionality including but no limited to:

033 GMP Colibri


Storing ePCR card data in format defined by country laws.

033 GMP Colibri


Recognition and collection of scanned hand-filled ePCR cards.

033 GMP Ataskaitos


Automatically generated reports, transferred to required state institutions.

033 GMP Ataskaitos


Convenient access to detailed analysis of various prospects of EMS work.

033 GMP Colibri


System operates continuously 24/7.

033 GMP


EMS Suite integrated with EMS dispatches information systems (CAD).

Modern EMS centers must analyze results of their work in order to improve their methodologies and increase effectiveness of saving people's lives

EMS IT suite consists of

  • Storage

    EMS Colibri

    033 GMP Colibri

    The product is designed for storing collected EMS team’s data, its processing, EMS station’s management and monitoring. Big data storage software combines and processes all EMS data that comes from different systems into one so teams could easily find any event’s comprehensive report whenever they want.

  • Interactive map displaying call data

    EMS Maps

    033 GMP Žemėlapiai

    Maps provide ability to monitor EMS teams vehicle coordinates and statuses at any given time.

  • EMS data analytic tool


    033 GMP Ataskaitos

    The solution is responsible for analyzing EMS data and for generating reports based on the collected information. Analytics tool helps to save time and resources which are spent on administrative work. It also helps teams find ways to improve EMS station processes resulting in higher quality services provided to patients.