A mobile tool allowing the EMS team to quickly and efficiently collect call data according to country requirements.

Advantages against paper ePCR form card:

  • Saves time and company’s resources

    Software is designed to save valuable time by eliminating as many manual processes as possible and by creating an enhanced data collection workflow.

  • Collection of high-quality data

    With this software there is no need to worry about incomplete or inaccurate reports. System’s exclusive smart validation technology guides users through the data collection process and intuitively displays if any required data is absent or inserted incorrectly.

  • Medical guidelines

    Mobile tool is filled with reference information and treatment guides that help medics to make better patient care decisions.

  • Real-time data and monitoring

    System helps EMS stations to stay up to date with what is happening in real-time and enables workers react to occurring situation accordingly so they can always feel in control.

  • Mobile printing location

    The EMS ePCR solution has mobile printing stations that operate even in the harshest conditions (-10 °C to +50 °C) and allow card copies to be printed at the workplace. The printing stations can be installed both in EMS cars and carried by EMS personnel, as the equipment weighs only 610 g.

3 times

faster data collection

83 %

less errors in collected data

2 min 18 sec

on average faster arrival to event site

Video tutorials

You can see EMS ePCR in action on our video tutorials.